Convenient and flexible – Streamable, scalable, distributed file service, built on cloud object storage and made for edge-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud and hybrid workloads

Improve workload efficiency and maximise productivity – Make a group of files in a file system structure accessible to a user or user group and use cloud object stores as distributed file systems; allow distributed teams access to their data, and provide ways to connect applications, cloud regions and cloud providers to the same data set

Highly scalable and inexpensive – Can be used to replace on-premises file servers; limitless scale enabled by splitting object storage from metadata; object storage can be consumed as a local file system layer that allows users and applications to access it from anywhere at local disk speed

Security – End-to-end, at-rest and in-motion encryption; eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as cloud gateways; total control over data sovereignty to enhance risk management and compliance

High-performance – Metadata synchronisation and parallel data streaming; snapshot support to enable complete version control

Ease of use – Dramatically reduced complexity and seamless production; no hardware needed, no maintenance, no issue with growth, no resiliency plan required


Filespace Installation & Configuration

Everything you need, totally free

Laptop Foundation

Usability and accessibility – Installation done in minutes; no additional hardware required

Easy-to-use user interface – Simple to deploy; provides intuitive self-service recovery

Security – Secure anywhere, anytime access to all backup data

Cost-efficient – Pay for what you use; no contracts month to month

Automation & synchronization – Allow files to be backed up to a pre-defined, automated schedule

Convenient – Runs effortlessly, across the internet, from any location (Windows, Mac and Linux support)

Limitless scalability – Value-for-money pay-as-you-grow rates

Recovery – Easily retrieve and recover files, backup data is always online and accessible

Continuous data protection – internet-optimised incremental backups, with compression and de-duplication

Data encryption – secure data encryption at source, in-transit and at rest



Server foundation

Flexible solution – Data protection for physical servers or virtual systems

Secure next-level technology – High-level security ideally positioned to replace tape backup

Usability and accessibility – Cloud-connected, automated backups with self-service restore; no additional hardware needed

Cost-efficient – Frees up costly on-site primary storage resources and capacity requirements

Data encryption at source – Advanced encryption (AES 256-bit) for data at rest and in flight

Reduced data footprint – Backup data is compressed to minimise impact on primary network and accelerate cloud uploads

Continuous data protection – Internet-optimised incremental backups, with compression and de-duplication

Automation and synchronisation – Once seeded, only incremental backups are performed since the last backup routine

Controlled, easy-to-use web console – Enables monitoring and reporting of all backups, verification and restore operations anywhere, anytime

Rapid recovery – Easily retrieve and recover files, backup data is always online and accessible

Limitless scalability – Value-for-money pay-as-you-grow rates


Office 365

Comprehensive cover – Data protection and recovery for Office 365 applications including Email, OneDrive and SharePoint

Flexible solution – No on-premise infrastructure commitments; create granular policies for what must be protected and retained

Usability and accessibility – Full visibility into how the backup and restore schedules are being performed, monitored and managed

Cost-efficient – Lower TCO by subscribing to an Office 365 plan that is most appropriate to operational needs End-to-end encryption – Data encryption at source, in-transit and at rest

Continuous data protection – Backups run automatically according to pre-defined management policies

Central console – System administrators can track, manage and report on all backup and restore jobs through a central console

Rapid recovery – Perform site-level rollback to easily restore Office 365 data